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Coloradans Support School Reform

The latest Denver Post/KOA/9 News poll conducted by Ciruli Associates shows the public supports Gov. Bill Owens' proposal to reform the state's public schools. Pollster Floyd Ciruli said "poor scores on standardized tests the last three years have created momentum for reform." On April 10, Gov. Owens signed newly enacted school reform legislation, which uses standardized tests and grades to direct more funding and new management to schools based on their grades.

"Grade elementary and secondary schools A to F based on success in improving student performance. Schools receiving an F would have to implement new management and new educational programs."

Give Schools Grades:
Support and Opposition
Definite Support 50%
Somewhat Support 21%
Somewhat Oppose 4%
Definite Oppose 12%
Don't Know 13%
Ciruli Associates, N600, 2000

Seventy-one percent of Colorado voters support grading the public schools - and failing the worst performers. Union and Democratic party leaders who oppose the legislation are out of sync with rank and file Democrats and minority voters. Hispanic and black voters offer higher levels of support for Gov. Owens' school reform proposal (95% Hispanic support and 85% black support) than Anglo voters (67%). Support among Democrats and Republicans is nearly equal. (Democrats 69%, Republicans 72%).

Support and Opposition for Grading Schools by Voter Groups
White Hispanic Black Democrat Republican
Definitely Support 47% 80% 63% 50% 54%
Somewhat Support 22% 15% 26% 19% 18%
Somewhat Oppose 5% - - 6% 4%
Definitely Oppose 13% 2% - 11% 9%
Don't Know 14% 2% 9% 14% 15%
Ciruli Associates, N600, 2000

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