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The Scientific and Cultural Facilities District (SCFD)
Metro Denver cultural organizations enjoy a rare type of funding found in few places in the nation. The Scientific and Cultural Facilities District is one of the most creative approaches to funding cultural programs and institutions from emerging grass roots dance companies to the multi-million dollar Denver Zoo. The SCFD levies a .1 percent tax on sales (1 cent on $10), and collects nearly $30 million for metro Denver attractions.

The story of the SCFD and how it evolved and survived three tax elections is summarized in a 1996 Ciruli Associates document titled "Scientific and Cultural Facilities District: Review of Elections." Ciruli Associates managed all three campaigns and remains active in work on behalf of the SCFD and its major cultural institutions.

The report reviews and analyzes the District's three elections: the original 1988 authorization, the 1994 10-year extension, and the 1995 TABOR tax limitation override. Included are reports on the "Basic Principles" of the SCFD, analysis of voting and registration, analysis of county and legislative district voting, and reprints of several newsletters detailing progress of the SCFD.

For more information on the report or the SCFD in general, contact Ciruli Associates, fciruli@aol.com. Or contact the SCFD directly at www.artstozoo.org/SCFD or (303)860-0588.

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