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No One Issue Dominating
State Political Agenda

Public Opinion on Key State Issues
for Governor and Legislators to Address

Question: What would you say is the top issue you would like the governor and state legislature to deal with in Colorado

While the legislature and media are primarily focused on state budget problems, voters have not identified any single issue for the governor and lawmakers to deal with. In the final 2004 Ciruli Associates election survey of Colorado voters, the economy, education (in general) and roads/transportation all are the top agenda items, but each garners less than 15% of public concern.

Joining the top three issues are water and healthcare (9% each), both of which have been major concerns since 2002. Transportation at 10% represents more than a doubling of the issue since March 2003 (it received 4% in 2003). The budget (4%) and taxes (5%) also garner voter attention. Taxes at 5% is a new top issue.

There are some differences in emphasis between Republicans and Democrats. For example, 17% of Democrats list the economy as a top concern while only 11% of Republicans do so. Democrats are also more concerned about healthcare (14%) than Republicans (6%). Republicans mention roads (13%) and water issues (12%) more often than Democrats (7% and 12% respectively).

The most recent national Gallup poll shows Americans consider Iraq and terrorism the most important issues for the president and Congress to deal with. Next are healthcare costs, education, the economy and Social Security.

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